Winter Light, Winter Magic

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Every winter I get to experience a spectacular light show–in my own home.

In an instant, my home transforms from a closed indoor space to a space connected to the sun, to the seasons and to the world outside. 

As the sun reaches into this dark space weird and wonderful shapes suddenly appear.

A few fleeting moments and the room is transformed by light.  Within these four walls, this is pure unscripted theatre. 

In winter months when the light is low and bright and blindingly strong it beams through doorways and windows projecting a light that bounces from one surface to another. 

And sometimes that light captures the movement and shadows of trees and nature outside.

I see it every year.

And yet every year it takes me by surprise. 

When the light appears it is powerful and strong. It is enough to transform this space from something ordinary into something quite extraordinary.

In the instant that sunlight changes how that space looks, how it feels and how it is I get to experience my home in a whole new way. 

This is an interior designed by humans, and illuminated by nature.

Like magic it appears –  and then suddenly… it is gone 

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