light and shade

In winter I experience a spectacular light show–in my own home.

A closed indoor space suddenly connected to the sun, to the seasons and to the world outside. 

When the sun reaches into this darkened space weird and wonderful shapes suddenly appear.

In a fleeting moment and the room is transformed by light.  

When the light is low and bright and blindingly strong it reaches through doorways and windows; bouncing from one surface to another. 

There is movement and shadows of trees and nature outside adding a lively dance of shadows into this solid inanimate structure.

This is pure, unscripted theatre. 

I see it every year.

And yet every year it takes me by surprise. 

When the light appears it is powerful and strong. From something I see everyday this space becomes something quite extraordinary.

An interior designed by humans, but lit by nature.

Nuala Rooney

I am designer, educator and researcher developing creative and holistic human-centred insights within the social/spatial sphere.

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