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Without inspiration there is no innovation.

Without innovation there is nothing new.

Inspiration often comes when you least expect it.

A lightning bolt, a eureka moment, a sudden shift of perspective. 

Suddenly, we see things differently. 

With inspiration there is the exhilaration of risk,  but at the same time a deep, joyful, fluid sense of certainty. 

Inspiration feels instinctive; it  drives us to follow through, to take a leap forward, and not to settle for an idea that is just ‘OK’. It transcends normal thinking, it is a departure from the tried and the tested.

When inspiration strikes it feels ‘right’.  It positively sparks with alternative ideas and buzzes with potential new directions. 

Inspiration creates  the desire  to try something new.

Whenever that passion  ignites ideas soar with new-found energy, confidence and motivation.  Inspiration is such a powerful awakening of the imagination it lights up the brain so we feel emboldened and mighty. We feel uplifted and so, so,  alive.

And yet, just as easily as it comes, it can be lost  – or  frustratingly linger just out of reach.

Over-thinking it, over-working it or playing safe flatlines burgeoning ideas. And, once that energy is lost, what might be/ could be a brilliant idea, leads only to frustration and disappointment. 

We need inspiration to stimulate flashes of inventiveness. 

Beyond that elusive whiff of a new idea lies new energy and rich rewards. And that feels good. 

No wonder it is what every business and organisation wants  – and needs. 

Without that vital spark systems become stale and out-moded. Staff become bored and feel stuck. 

Without inspiration there can be no creative thinking. There is just the regular fixed processes of the same old set approach:  safe, and boring, self-limiting and crushingly dull.

A critical burst of inspiration gives organisations the ability to see round problems, to find solutions and move forward. Without it, there is the danger of complacency and the negativity of stifled thinking.

When inspiration strikes it can direct, shift and  re-focus who we are and where we want to be in our work, home life and leisure. Motivated to start again, It stimulates a new and invigorated attitude that can lead to positive change and a new way forward.

For the New Year 2022 –  of course we wish for health, wealth and happiness  – but also for inspiration to strike and a surge of creative energy to sustain and motivate us.

We hope for Inspiration to add joy and spirit  to our everyday lives. 

Without it, new ideas will surely pass us by. 

Nuala Rooney

I am designer, educator and researcher developing creative and holistic human-centred insights within the social/spatial sphere.

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